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How to Make Money from WordPress Blogging

The idea of making money from WordPress blogging is attractive to many people. WordPress offers a low-cost, safe and powerful system for pushing your content out to the world. But generating income from your blog is no easy matter. Strategy is required. In this article, we’ll explain how to make money from online blogging with WordPress. The opportunities to create wealth are many. Following these tips could help you become one of the success stories. About Commercial WordPress Blogging WordPress is the largest publishing platform globally, powering over 30% of all websites. Many people have proven that you can make … Continue reading How to Make Money from WordPress Blogging

Smart Prep for an MBA Application Essay

To gain entry into a graduate business school, you may be required to submit a personal statement or MBA application essay. A good practice to follow, and this applies to writing in general, is to do smart preparation before you even thing about starting the writing task proper. Some of the recommended activities before launching into your essay are to think creatively, brainstorm possible topics and themes, and draft a concise but well crafted outline. Read on for details about how to effectively prepare to write your MBA application essay. Get Those Creative Juices Flowing when Writing MBA Graduate Essays … Continue reading Smart Prep for an MBA Application Essay

Tips for Better Business Writing

Emails, proposals, reports and memorandums make up some examples of business writing. The activity is about professionally communicating information. Business writing is a large and growing area, expanding along with text-based communication. Doing it well is the key to building a solid web presence and making your company more influential. As a writer, you need to follow the business principle that user experience is what comes first. If your business writing skills have been missing the mark, here are five tips to ensure they are spot on. 1. Get straight to the point Long ago, 2000-word features proved popular with … Continue reading Tips for Better Business Writing