Tips for Better Business Writing

Emails, proposals, reports and memorandums make up some examples of business writing. The activity is about professionally communicating information. Business writing is a large and growing area, expanding along with text-based communication. Doing it well is the key to building a solid web presence and making your company more influential. As a writer, you need to follow the business principle that the user experience is what comes first. If your business writing skills have been missing the mark, here are five tips to ensure they are spot on. 1. Get straight to the point Long ago, 2000-word features proved popular … Continue reading Tips for Better Business Writing

Tips for Reality-Based Fiction Writing

Life is what inspires writers like Melina Marchetta. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that some of the most accomplished fiction pieces have been autobiographical in nature. Writers often draw from real life. But transforming real-life experiences into compelling fiction pieces is a tricky task. Writers must know when to indulge themselves and when to step back and draw the line. Here are a few tips for writing fiction based on true events. The suggestions may be useful for different types of fiction, such as essays, screenplays or novels. Protect Your Characters If you are drawing inspiration from real-life events, … Continue reading Tips for Reality-Based Fiction Writing